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Jump High a Systematic Chinese Course 0 Conversation Textbook

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Jump High a Systematic Chinese Course 0

Conversation Textbook.


Jump High is a series of Chinese textbooks for the compulsory courses foreigners take in college, with five vertical skills (intensive reading, conversation, listening, writing, translation) and seven horizontal levels (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) matching with one another. All learners, ranging from total beginners to high-level ones, can find something suitable for themselves.

Conversation TEXTBOOK 0 is a textbook of speaking Chinese designed for total beginners who are preparing for college. It includes 30 lessons altogether, each with four parts: Text, Vocabulary, Notes and Function Items. Considering the characteristics of conversation courses, this book emphasizes oral practice and pays great attention to communication tasks and expressive functions. The texts are designed with natural and practical topics and situations to combine classroom learning with verbal communication outside the classroom and to help the students communicate in natural and appropriate Chinese.

The texts and new words are recorded in the CD of MP3 files attached to the book.


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