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Powerplant Import Export Gabriel Prokofiex suite for global junk CD

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This CD album release comes complete with a DVD containing a full performance of the piece and interviews from both performer and composer which explicitly shows how the music is performed live; no laptop-gazing in sight! The rich sounds and inspired rhythms of these four junk objects provide fantastic material for remixers.

Nonclassical were fortunate to have contributions from some leading names in Electronica, including: Matthew Fairclough, Murcof, Martin Parker (aka tinpark), Medasyn, Richard Lannoy and Joby Burgess himself.

Rok wydania: 2010 Wydawnictwo: Nonclassical Recordings Stan: UżywanaRodzaj okładki: Miękka Wymiar: 14x12.5cm Waga: 0.15 kg TIN: T01380856


Opakowanie lekko wytarte i zakurzone.