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Japan Insight Guides

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Insight Guide Japan offers a uniquely comprehensive travel advice for what to do and where to go in one of Asia’s most fascinating destinations. Engaging and inspirational History and Culture chapters explain the country’s intriguing and proud past, and the factors influencing its future; from ancient Shinto temples and Samurai legend, to the impact of Western influences and the tsunami of 2011. The burgeoning arts and crafts scene, architectural treasures and local cuisine are fully explored so that visitors can gain a sense of how Japan’s distinctive character and culture have been shaped. The Places chapters cover the islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu in detail, including the pulsating cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, and suggest excursions to the smaller surrounding islands to help with planning a trip. Be inspired by full-color travel photography throughout, illustrating the vibrancy of Japan more than any other travel guide on the market and giving a true flavor of Japanese life today. Detailed maps throughout the book help visitors get around the different areas, with all major sites cross-referenced with the text, and the Travel Tips offer practical travel advice plus selective listings for where to stay and eat.

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