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Indonesia Insight Guides

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· Newly updated edition of Insight Guides Indonesia (with free app and eBook) is ideal for travellers seeking immersive cultural experiences · In-depth on history and culture: travellers can enjoy special features on symbolic keris and orang-utans, all written by local experts · Innovative extras = incredible value, and unique in the market. All Guides to countries and regions come with a free eBook and regularly updated app, unlike comparable competitors' products · High-production values - smart flexi-binding and first-rate, full-colour photography throughout · Exciting opportunities for bespoke promotions and POS - please contact your Account Manager for details · On-going consumer marketing activity · Content overview: -in-depth on history and culture -invaluable maps, travel tips and practical information ensure effortless planning -inspirational colour photography throughout -inventivedesign that makes for an engaging reading experience

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