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Bruno Bisang - 30 Years of Polaroids

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"30 Years of Polaroids" presents a vivid cross-section of Bruno Bisang's Polaroid archives. Once a simple tool to test lighting, angles, and moods, this format is now a relic of photography’s analog age — with its own unique qualities. Mottled surfaces and frayed corners anchor us firmly in the rough and tumble of the creative process. Designed to be disposable, every annotation and misstep is a part of cultural and artistic history. We sense a depth so lacking in today’s digital manipulation. Page by page, readers witness the unfolding of Bisang’s vision. Featuring such stars as Naomi Campbell and Carla Bruni, this collection may just become a cult classic.

Rok wydania: 2021 Wydawnictwo: teNeues Stan: NowaRodzaj okładki: Inna Wymiar: 29x36cm Ilość stron: 208 Waga: 2.685 kg EAN: 9783832795306