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We are Coming Out of the Closet

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The book We Are Coming Out of the Closet is addressed to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender+ people, as well as other interested individuals, in places where an awareness of the significance possessed by self-disclosure doesn't exist yet or needs further raising. The readers for whom the subject is new can learn what goal underlies abandoning closets and how to carry out this task skilfully. Those who in some degree have already gone through the issue may look at its details from the Author's perspective. His reflections come from extensive reading and long-standing observation of developments in the world. In the coming out of particular individuals the Author sees acting for LGBT+ emancipation. Thus, he treats each positive act of self-disclosure as a political act. He associates the motivation for this activity with values conducive to human well-being. Since the issue concerns ethical behaviour, including equal treatment of citizens by the law, in this context the nebulous narrative about tolerance is rejected. In the worldwide liberation movement in question these ideas are well-known. However, in some regions important homework still remains to be done. This publication may be helpful in it.

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