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The Edge of Leadership

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The Edge of Leadership is a superb manual that aims at contributing to the development of human and institutional capacity through holistic or sustainable leadership, Leadership which is for the benefit of the leader, followers and society. It',s a guidebook that could set the world with regards to business leadership and human interface, on the same plain. It fills a certain void in the leadership application processes, by combining basic principles and methodologies of leadership with Life Lessons. These life lessons help to address many of the leadership problems we see today. Many leaders do not 'fail' because of skill, experience or intelligence but due to lack of wisdom. This book is a powerful resource which offers fresh concepts, insights and inspiration that can definitely revolutionize the face of leadership.  

Rok wydania: 2015 Wydawnictwo: Inne Stan: UżywanaRodzaj okładki: Miękka Wymiar: 15.9x23cm Ilość stron: 292 Waga: 0.6 kg EAN: 9789768260468 TIN: T01248193

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