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Biografie, wspomnienia

Primate Stefan Wyszyński. A Biography

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Anglojęzyczna wersja popularnej, ilustrowanej biografii prymasa Stefana Wyszyńskiego. “To the uncrowned king of Poland” read the letters on the sash of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński’s funeral wreath. Thus the nation expressed its appreciation for the life and work of the Millennium Primate, who was one of the most outstanding Poles of the 20th century. It stemmed from the common opinion of his unique role in the life of the nation and of the Catholic Church. The life and activity of this distinguished hierarch have not been comprehensively described before. Hence this book aims to fully present the life of Cardinal Wyszyński. We show the entire spectrum of religious and social activity and pastoral teaching of the Millennium Primate. This publication has been prepared on the basis of an extensive archive source base. The authors have found a number of previously unpublished materials, verified previous findings, and proposed a novel interpretation of this key figure in Polish history.

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