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Prepare Level 2 Student's Book

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PREPARE 2nd edition Level 2 combines 'teen-appeal' topics with gradual preparation towards the revised 2020 A2 Key for Schools exam. Students will enjoy interactive, personalised lessons with themes and resources relevant to their interests. The new Life Skills approach inspires learners to expand their horizons and knowledge and includes insights from The Cambridge Framework for Life Competencies. Teachers can relax knowing every unit drives students towards exam success and that the course is creating confident English users with the enhanced vocabulary and grammar syllabus. A Student's Book and Online Workbook is also available, separately.

Rok wydania: 2018 Wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press Stan: NowaRodzaj okładki: Inna Wymiar: 21x29.7cm Ilość stron: 160 Waga: 0.444 kg EAN: 9781108433280

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