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Niedbalski Jakub - Living and Working in a Social Welfare Home in Poland

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This book – Living and working in a social welfare home in Poland. A sociological study on the interaction of personnel with mentally handicapped charges – is an empirical study carried out in accordance with the methodology of grounded theory. In it I focus on presenting and reconstructing those aspects of developing an institutional order which refer directly to the level of interactions, with special attention devoted to the process of developing interpersonal relationships between the residents and representatives of personnel in a social welfare home. I present the principles and rules which, together with institutional rites, customs and the prevailing system of values functioning in a social welfare home, form the basis for the production, maintenance and reconstruction of social order in a welfare institution in Poland. Therefore, the book constitutes a source of information about the Polish system of social welfare, as well as about the situation of the disabled in Poland, which should interest those researchers who deal with comparative studies, as well as practitioners willing to deepen their knowledge about the scope of welfare policy that functions in Poland.

Rok wydania: 2015 Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego Stan: NowaRodzaj okładki: Miękka Wymiar: 17x24cm Waga: 0.566 kg EAN: 9788379695799

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