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Mrs Dalloway

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Virginia Woolf's singular technique in Mrs Dalloway heralds a break with the traditional novel form and reflects a genuine humanity and a concern with the experiences that both enrich and stultify existence. Society hostess, Clarissa Dalloway is giving a party. Her thoughts and sensations on that one day, and the interior monologues of others whose lives are interwoven with hers gradually reveal the characters of the central protagonists. Clarissa's life is touched by tragedy as the events in her day run parallel to those of Septimus Warren Smith, whose madness escalates as his life draws toward inevitable suicide. The delicate artistry and lyrical prose of Woolf’s fourth novel have established her as a writer of profound talent.

Rok wydania: 2003 Wydawnictwo: Wordsworth Stan: Nowa Wymiar: 13x20cm Waga: 0.12 kg EAN: 9781853261916

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