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Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry

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Lippincott® Connect Featured Title Purchase of the new print edition of this Lippincott® Connect title includes lifetime access to the digital version of the book, plus related materials such as videos and multiple-choice Q&A and self-assessments. Praised by faculty and students for more than two decades, Lippincott® Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry is the long-established go-to resource for mastering the essentials of biochemistry. This best-selling text helps students quickly review, assimilate, and integrate large amounts of critical and complex information, with unparalleled illustrations that bring concepts to life. Like other titles in the popular Lippincott® Illustrated Review Series, this text follows an intuitive outline organization and boasts a wealth of study aids that clarify challenging information and strengthen retention and understanding. This updated and revised edition emphasizes clinical application and features new exercises, questions, and accompanying digital resources to ready students for success on exams and beyond.

Rok wydania: 2021 Wydawnictwo: Wolters Kluwer Stan: NowaRodzaj okładki: Inna Wymiar: 21.5x27.5cm Ilość stron: 624 Waga: 1.69 kg EAN: 9781975155117

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