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In Search of Churchill

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Martin Gilbert's landmark eight- volume biography of Winston Churchill is considered one of the greatest ever written. And the story behind it is every bit as fascinating as its celebrated subject. In Search of Churchill is the critically acclaimed tale of the author's thirty-year quest for one of the legendary leaders and dominant personalities of the twentieth century. This brilliant account is at once a striking portrayal of Winston Churchill as seen through the eyes of those closest to him and a rare, inside look at "the Agatha Christie side of the historian's art" (London Financial Times).

In Search of Churchill reveals the staggering extent of Gilbert's research, an epic undertaking that he began in 1962 as Randolph Churchill's assistant. From that auspicious beginning to the exultant moment when, some twenty-five years later, the author "reached the final file in the bottom drawer of the last filing cabinet," we witness the extraordinary process of countless interviews, of digging ever more deeply to dispel the myths and stereotypes, of alternately charming and cajoling those sources reluctant to confide.

Rok wydania: 1994 Wydawnictwo: HarperCollins Polska Stan: UżywanaRodzaj okładki: Twarda z obwolutą Wymiar: 19x25cm Ilość stron: 338 Waga: 0.6 kg EAN: 9780002153560 TIN: T01508173

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