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Ethnic Violence

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Focusing on countries such as Ireland, Bosnia, and Sudan as examples of ethnically conflicted lands, Hull discusses the subject from a variety of perspectives. Various reasons for conflicts are explored, including scapegoating, discrimination, resistance to change, and modernization. A chapter about how states deal with ethnic conflict ranges from arbitration, power sharing, assimilation, secession, and finally to genocide. The discussion of foreign intervention includes the role of the United Nations and military intervention and armament. A final chapter covers prevention of ethnic violence through prediction, recognition of warning signs, and use of regional conflict-resolution management organizations. Hull provides a good overview of a complex topic. The information will perhaps soon be dated as countries and principal players change with time. Black-and-white photographs offer glimpses into countries torn by violence. This book presupposes at least a fair knowledge of current world events. Useful for sociology, psychology, and modern social problems classes.

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