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Growth of Crystals volume 13

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The present volume continues the tradition of the preceding volumes. covering a wide range of crystal growth problems and treating aspects of critical importance for crystalliza­ tion. Changes in this field of knowledge have. however, changed the criteria for selection of papers for inclusion in this series. The increasing role of crystals in science and technology is even more apparent today. The study and utilization of these highly perfect objects of nature considerably facilitates progress in the physics and chemistry of solids. quantum electronics, optics, microelectron­ ics, and other sciences. The demand for crystals and crystal devices has grown steadily and has led to the emergence and rapid growth of the single crystal industry (we can safely saythat the state ofthe art in this industry is indicative ofthe overall scientific and technolo- cal potential of a country). At the same time, the introduction of crystallization techniques into other industries is gaining ever-increasing importance. To illustrate this last state­ ment, we can mention the fabrication of textured structural materials and direct methods of metal reduction in ores by using chemical vapor transport techniques. Crystallization tech­ ll niques progress both in "width" and in "depth : traditional methods are modernized. and novel techniques appear, some of them at the junction of the already existing technologies (for example, flux growth of crystals, growth from vapor with participation of the liquid phase, etc. ).

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