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Literatura piękna - proza zagraniczna

Beauty of Humanity Movement

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Tu' is a young tour guide working in Hanoi for a company called New Dawn. While he leads tourists through the city, including American vets on "war tours," he starts to wonder what it is they are seeing of Vietnam - and what they miss entirely. Maggie, who is Vietnamese by birth but has lived most her life in the U.S., has returned to her country of origin in search of clues to her dissident father's disappearance during the war. Holding the story together is Old Man Hung, who has lived through decades of political upheaval and has still found a way to feed hope to his community of pondside dwellers. This is a keenly observed and skillfully wrought novel about the reverberation of conflict through generations, the enduring legacy of art, and the redemption and renewal of long-lost love.

Rok wydania: 2012 Wydawnictwo: Atlantic Books Stan: NowaRodzaj okładki: Miękka Wymiar: 13x19cm Waga: 0.29 kg EAN: 9781848877948

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