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Origami, Sztuki japońskie

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A deluxe presentation of a stunning array of masterpieces of the art of lacquerware by 38 contemporary Japanese artists. An additional 36 pages of vivid color photographs illustrate in step-by-step sequences more than 20 intricate lacquer techniques, including mother-of-pearl inlay, carved lacquer, gold-filled engraving, and metallic-dust sprinkling.

In the West, dolls are the very symbol of childhood, designed to be cuddled. and played with, dressed and undressed, pampered, and finally packed away or, for the rare lucky doll, displayedwhen their owners reach adulthood. In Japan, by contrast, dolls are the ultimate showpiece for the traditional crafts master woodworkers, weavers, lacquer artists, painters, and metalworkers all demonstrate their genius in these remarkable works of art. Exhibited in glass cases or brought out from storage once a year during the Boys' Day festival or hina festival, these sophisticated art objects seem designed to take the breath away, to entrance and bewitch with their beauty, to provoke the envy of those who own none, in short to be the "playthings" of adults more than of children. Strong is the person who dares play with these seemingly priceless treasures and stronger still is he who can resist their charms. Luckily for the collector, dolls are one of the few Japanese antiques that have survived the ravages of time ; fine-quality, vintage dolls are still available and at affordable prices. All that has been missing is information on their history, varieties, identification, evaluation, and care. Japanese Antique Dolls, the first book in English devoted to the subject, offers this and much more. An array of striking color plates (printed in large format to allow for close scrutiny) illustrates every major variety of doll from the first talismanic paper dolls, which were invested with the power to absorb evil influences, and the primitive wooden kokeshi dolls, little more than a cylinder with a sphere fora head, up to the complex mechanical dolls powered by whalebone to serve tea or bow and the exquisite sets portraying the imperial household and their possessions ox carts, folding screens, lacquer dishes, and myriad other accessoriescrafted in miniature.

In this volume Mr. Bushell speaks primarily to the experienced collector, to the connoisseur, presenting discoveries, insights, and opinions derving from some two decades of research and finding cogent answers to some of the questions that have perplexed the netsuke world.

"Rikka" or standing, upright flowers is the basis of flower arrangement. Almost all of the present forms of Ikebana owe their origin to Rikka, which was perfected five hundred years ago. This is not just a guide book for anyone interested in Ikebana. This is the complete book on Rikka.

Message from the Author: "After trying for some time to design original greeting cards, I finally designed some unique pop-up cards by folding and cutting paper. These cards were so popular among my friends and now I would like to introduce them to you in this lovely book. When you open one of these folded post-card sized constructions, there is wondrous movement and a structure arises which is so interesting and fascinating that it captures your attention. The dreamy scene created by light and shadow invites you to a fantasy world. Please try to make these unique cards by yourself by reproducing and developing shapes and spaces within folded paper twice as big as a post card. There are limitless possibilities in this art. Should you fail, do not give up. Remember that failure is the best teacher. There are three kinds of construction in this book. Two of them are made with a single sheet of paper. Of these two forms, one is not meant to be opened at all and the other is to be opened to an angle of 90 degrees. These two forms are fairly simple and easy to make. Cards which are to be opened to an angle of 180 degrees are a little more difficult but they are well worth trying. To make this kind of card, cut and assemble the parts into the required form, and attach it onto the foundation paper with thread. When these cards are opened, a three-dimensional form emerges before your eyes. The unfolding process is unexpected and even if you try to draw a diagram or think about it, you may find it difficult to understand the mechanism. Some cards do not need to be unfolded. they look three-dimensional without opening. Imagination helps achieve this effect. I do hope that boys and girls will foster their creativity through making these cards and that they will become fine architects in the future. I am thinking of spending my leisure after retirement making and playing with these cards." - Masahiro Chatani

In the late nineteenth century Europeans and Americans discavered the Japanes ukiye-e woodblock print. This was just as its heyday, the 18th through mid - 19th century, was passing. The enthusiasm of western collectors in that period was not matched until the 1960's when interest in present level. At the same time many Japanese began to reevalute what had been dismissed in Japan as inexpensive, ephemeral manifestations od plebeian culture.

In the late nineteenth century Europeans and Americans discavered the Japanes ukiye-e woodblock print. This was just as its heyday, the 18th through mid - 19th century, was passing. The enthusiasm of western collectors in that period was not matched until the 1960's when interest in present level. At the same time many Japanese began to reevalute what had been dismissed in Japan as inexpensive, ephemeral manifestations od plebeian culture.

Dwujęzyczny album, w którym zawarto wystarczające kompendium wiedzy na temat japońskich znaków, ich roli we współczesnym systemie pisma japońskiego i znaczenia tradycyjnej kaligrafii w sztuce japońskiej.
Dokładnie przedstawiono przybory do kaligrafii, opisano i pokazano na zdjęciach podstawowe techniki pisania znaków i ich elementów.
Część albumowa zawiera ponad 100 ilustracji samodzielnych znaków i złożeń kaligrafowanych pędzlem japońskiego mistrza. Przy każdej ilustracji rozrysowano kolejność pisania kresek i dołączono czytanie znaku oraz jego znaczenie: polskie i angielskie. Czytelnik po lekturze tego albumu będzie miał podstawowa wiedze na temat najpopularniejszych japońskich ideogramów i będzie potrafił rozwijać swoje umiejętności w dalszych próbach kaligraficznych.

Here at last is an origami book intended solely for the advanced paperfolder. Groundbreaking in concept and challenging in content, it presents sixty-five ingenious projects by respected masters working in a variety of themes and origami genres. From Toshikazu Kawasaki's Unique Iso-area Folding Method to David Briil's remarkable "bottle" to Peter Engel's playful "kangaroo," the featured designs have been carefully chosen to test the refined sensibilities and stimulate the artistic appetites of the origami devotee.
If you are an accomplished paperfolder you will be inspired by the beauty and logic of the geometric form as discovered in such designs as Hourglass, Rotating Tetrahedon, Brain Ticklers, and Extraterrestrial Being. You will delight in the wit and poetry of representational origami as you create delicate and winsome patterns for Kitten, Goose, Pelican, Giraffe, Camellia, Spiral Snail Shell, Ground Beetle, Pine Cone, Fox, and many more designs. What's more, you will find the key to successfully mastering numerous intricate techniques and complex paper fold...with ease!
This is no ordinary origami workbook. Complicated processes are made highly accessible-yet remain daring-through clear, concise instructions and highly detailed diagrams. One of the unexpected joys of the book is that its mentally invigorating text will serve as an ongoing inspiration to novel approaches and new origami adventures - even after you have completed a project.

Origami designs were originally handed down from generation to generation. Of the many origami books available, Simple Traditional Origami is the first to capture the simplicity and history of this classic art.
Simple Traditional Origami features such basic designs as a boat, crane, helmet, balloon, cat, crown and church. Each design includes fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions with color photographs of the finished project. These easy-to-master projects are the most common introduction for beginning paper folders. The projects are so simple and entertaining the reader is soon captivated by the art of origami and ready to proceed to an intermediate level.

"Japanese love of the miniature in art is well known - dwarf trees, tray landscapes, sword fittings, and woodblock prints. Miniature sculpture of figures, masks, dolls, and Buddhist images has played an important role in Japanese daily life since ancient times. During the Tokugawa and Meiji periods (1603-1912), miniature sculpture of a special type was born. It is called netsuke."

This book touches on many facets of Japanese art, reflecting indigenous religions, folk beliefes, and the remarkable methods and materials used through the ages.

A guide to the Japanese art of paper folding provides detailed instructions for making dogs, birds, butterflies, flowers, frogs, foxes, giraffes, grasshoppers, monkeys, sailboats, and windmills.

"Japanese flower arrangement has for several centuries provided an artistic outlet for a people sensitive to the beauty of nature. Originating in the mid-fifteenth century, in its early concept it depicited."

Master calligrapher Christopher Earnshaw illuminates the techniques, history and philosophy of calligraphy with over 300 illustrations in Sho: Japanese Calligraphy. Calligraphy, along with poetry and painting, has been for centuries a discipline that all students of culture had to master. Brush writing reflected inner character, and many great masters of calligraphy were respected Zen priests, warriors and emperors. From practical lessons on brushwork to hints about exhibiting finished work, this beautiful volume is the fledgling calligrapher's best reference source. Its meditations on the philosophy of calligraphy will also offer new insights to students of Japanese culture and character.

Imagine a box made of paper! Boxes are one of the most popular formats of the age-old papercraft of origami. This delightful book is entirely devoted to the creation of origami boxes-plain or fancy, playful or practical, and elaborate boxes topped with cranes, butterflies, lilies, stars, and more.

FABULOUS ORIGAMI BOXES includes designs for nesting boxes, simple triangle and square boxes and more complex hexagonal and octagonal boxes. Detailed illustrations provide step-by-step instructions on the correct way to crease and fold origami paper. Many of the designs are made of one sheet of paper, but some combine individual units with intriguing results.

"Enjoyed by young and old, rich and poor, hanami, or flower-vieving, is an integral part of the Japanese people's appreciation of beauty in nature, and plays an important role in their social life as well."
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