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Carey Mike - Lucifer. Morningstar

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Lucifer Morningstar is a DC Comics character appearing primarily as a supporting character in the comic book series The Sandman and as the title character of a spin-off, both published under the Vertigo imprint. Though various depictions of Lucifer—the Biblical fallen angel and Devil of the Abrahamic religions—have been presented by DC Comics in their run, this interpretation by Neil Gaiman debuted in The Sandman in 1989. Later, the character acquired an ongoing Lucifer spin-off series written by Mike Carey, depicting his adventures on Earth, Heaven, and in the various other realms of his family's creations and in uncreated voids after abandoning Hell in the Sandman series. Lucifer also appears as a supporting character in issues of The Demon, The Spectre, and other DC Universe comics. Two angels, several demons, a human, and briefly Superman have taken his place as ruler of Hell. In 2010, IGN named Lucifer as the 68th greatest comic book villain of all time. Lucifer appears as titular character in a television series made by DC and Fox portrayed by Tom Ellis.

Rok wydania: 2006 Wydawnictwo: Vertigo Stan: UżywanaRodzaj okładki: Miękka Wymiar: 26.5x17.5cm Waga: 0.4 kg TIN: T00112088

Uwagi: Oprawa lekko wytarta i porysowana. Brzegi stron nieco zakurzone.

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