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Build Your First Web App

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Modern web application design and development can feel complicated and overwhelming: How do you design a useful tool that can run on a desktop, tablet, and phone? Which of the many programming frameworks should you use to code the application? How can anyone who isn't already a programmer pick up these skills and build something themselves? "Build Your First Web App" answers these questions by teaching not just practicals (two popular frameworks, Bootstrap and Angular.js) but also principles (the basics of user experience design, planning and structuring your software, and tips for applying visual design to make an application more attractive and easier to use). The book walks readers through every step of planning and creating their first web application, with assignments in each chapter readers can use to follow along and code on their own. "Build Your First Web App" is aimed at adults and teenagers who already know some HTML and CSS, but who want to push that knowledge further to create something functional rather than static.

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