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Arbeit und Aitte in Palastina VII, 1942 r.

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Gustaf Hermann Dalman (9 June 1855 – 19 August 1941) was a German Lutheran theologian and orientalist. He did extensive field work in Palestine before the First World War, collecting inscriptions, poetry, and proverbs. He also collected physical articles illustrating the life of the indigenous farmers and herders of the country, including rock and plant samples, house and farm tools, small archaeological finds, and ceramics. He pioneered the study of biblical and early post-biblical Aramaic, publishing an authoritative grammar (1894) and dictionary (1901), as well as other works. His collection of 15,000 historic photographs and 5,000 books, including rare 16th century prints, and maps formed the basis of the Gustaf Dalman Institute at Ernst Moritz Arndt Universität, Greifswald, which commemorates and continues his work.

Rok wydania: 1942 Wydawnictwo: Inne Stan: UżywanaRodzaj okładki: Twarda Wymiar: 14.5x20.5cm Ilość stron: 337 Waga: 0.5 kg TIN: T01074600

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