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Harbour Daniel, Adger David, Bejar Susana - Phi Theory

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ISBN: 9780199213771
Wymiar: 155 x 235 mm
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Ilość stron: 376
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Indeks: 0053/06/0021
Rok wydania: 2008
Autor: Harbour Daniel, Adger David, Bejar Susana
Rodzaj okładki: Miękka
Wydawca: Oxford University Press
Stan: Używana

Opis książki

Phi-features, such as person, number, and gender, present a rare opportunity for syntacticians, morphologists and semanticists to collaborate on a research enterprise in which they all have an equal stake and which they all approach with data and insights from their own fields. This volume is the first to attempt to bring together these different strands and styles of research. It presents the core questions, major results, and new directions of this emergent area of linguistic theory and shows how Phi Theory casts light on the nature of interfaces and the structure of the grammar. The book will interest scholars and students of all aspects of linguistic theory at graduate level and above.


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In this ambitious monograph, Manzini organizes and clarifies the voluminous evidence that exists on local dependencies according to a single, unified theory of Locality. Locality is a simpler and more comprehensive alternative to the barriers approach, the antecedent-based approach, and the connectedness approach, subsuming all the major locality principles (Subjacency, ECP, and binding theory) invoked in the other approaches and explaining a set of islands that remain refractory to those approaches.

The first chapter defines the empirical problem and provides an overview of the solution; it also introduces the three main alternatives to Locality theory. The second chapter presents Manzini's theory in detail and includes a unification of Subjacency and the antecedent-government clause of the ECP and a unification of the ECP internal disjunction between the antecedent-government and the head-government clause. In chapter 3, Manzini argues for the empirical superiority of Locality, offering data predicting that Complex NP islands, Tense islands, and Definiteness islands all belong to the same fundamental type while multiple WH-islands reflect the fact that at most two overlapping extraction paths are available at any given point in a derivation. The final chapter looks at binding, showing that it can be accounted for under the same Locality principle as movement but without the need for anaphors to move at any level of representation.
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